Video - [TheMattsls Special] Top Gear Series 19 - Filming So Far (1080p HD)

Videos McLaren TopGear [TheMattsls Special] Top Gear Series 19 - Filming So Far (1080p HD)

[TheMattsls Special] Top Gear Series 19 - Filming So Far (1080p HD)

Series nineteen of Top Gear could be here in four months time. After a long wait thanks to the X Factor and the Olympics clogging our television sets, the superb BBC show by the Mister Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May will be back. "But," you may be thinking. "I want to know a little bit about what happens." Well, luckily for you, this video, which contains of stolen videos from people I've never heard of, will give you a small taster. Sadly not everything they've been up to has been captured by a nosy pedestrian, so here below these very words, is some words describing it in more detail. Don't worry, though, I'll be adding more words when I get information. Or you could tell me, if you'd like. (1) James drives a T.27, designed by Gordon Murray. Then later, May meets up with the McLaren F1 designer himself, to talk about his iStream thing. (Top Gear Magazine article - issue 230 / read it here: (2) Richard Hammond has been in Monaco, driving an Aston Martin DB5, then interviewing Roger Moore (James Bond). (Richard Hammond's Twitter page and go to 21 June [including pictures]) (3) When it comes to incredible ideas, that are completely stupid, yet entertaining, Top Gear are masters at it. And one of the latest thing happening is Richard Hammond diving a van. "Is that it?" I hear you say. No. The van has a television around it, so it is an invisible van. Geddit? (Plus, he has been driving it on the Top Gear test track, as explained on ...


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