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NOTE: This is a real replica, Not some bullshit by nickamaro or supereplicas which claims to make SLR reps. All his reps are fake, this is THE only replica SLR ever known and it is a perfect job, based on the 2002-2003 concept drawing of the SLR McLaren, (SLR Vision) This thing is awesome because it is a 100% accurate reproduction of the drawing!! even the interior is the same!! The car is built on a Mercedes Benz C126 Coupe, Fitted with a Mercedes V8 Engine cover and an interior the same as the concept drawings that Mercedes Mclaren Done back in 2002 - 2003. It actually looks good in the snow, (And on the road!) Oh and one more thing....If your wandering about the price ? well....It will set you back at 75000 Euros to build one! The owner sold it in 2003 for $300000 I DID NOT BUILD THIS CAR ! (just had pics on my pc and decided to share this amazing build of the first SLR replica EVER ! even before the SLR was out) Music: Song: Clubbed To Death Album: Blade Trinity Soundtrack Artist: Rob Dougan Year: 2004

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