Video - *Rare* MBZ SLR 722 Edition-REVS, Acceleration, Overview!

Videos McLaren Mercedes *Rare* MBZ SLR 722 Edition-REVS, Acceleration, Overview!

*Rare* MBZ SLR 722 Edition-REVS, Acceleration, Overview!

Become a fan on Facebook for the latest updates: In my latest video, I feature one of my all time favorite cars, the SLR McLaren, in 722 Edition form. If my facts are straight, only 25 722s made it to the States, making this sick car even cooler. In the video, you can see the car pulling in, giving some really nice revs (which is rare for an SLR owner to do), some glamor shots and finally a swift and noisy (for an SLR!) departure. This car defines class, but, as evident in the video, can be a bit raw at times! Enjoy! What's your favorite Mercedes-Benz ever made? Please remember to comment, rate and SUBSCRIBE for more! Thanks for watching!

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