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McLaren MP4-12C Spring Mountain Drive

Took my brand new 2012 McLaren out on the road course to enjoy it for the first time. The car performed flawlessly and did everything asked of it and the power never wavered even after a full 30 minute stint. The most fun was learning to use the brake-steer. This car uses banned F1 technology and will pull the car into a turn by braking the inside rear wheel, very effective for nailing apexes. IT was the most fun I have ever had bending a road car into a turn. It must be experienced. This car is equipped with standard PZero tires and carbon brakes. The tires were not great for this kind of duty but performed well above my expectations despite all the squealing. As for the 592bhp? Way more than enough for a proper road course. This car wanted to fly and it did. Can you say 7.0 60-130mph? Hope you enjoy the videos. I used a go pro and a race logic to record the fun and provided a good sampling of each. If you sit down and watch this whole thing you are "Car Crazy".

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