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Having been in the business of building race cars for more than 30 years it may come as a surprise that McLaren has only built three road cars in its long and successful history. But this serves as a very good illustration of the UK-based sports car builder's dedication to engineering perfection. Remember, for instance, that the F1's engine bay was lined in gold and its toolkit made from platinum alloy. The new MP4-12C is no different: from its highly rigid yet lightweight carbon fibre monocell to the portrait shaped infotainment display, attention to detail is evident in every element of the car. When it comes to the driving experience however, some testers have commented that this perfectionist approach has almost desensitised the experience from behind the wheel. We wanted to make up our own minds about it, so we let Marius loose on Zwartkops to drive the MP4-12C the way it was intended.

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