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McLaren F1 XP4 Prototype in Detail!!

BE SURE TO WATCH IN 1080P This here that I have recorded, is one of the most legendary cars built. The McLaren F1, not just a standard F1, but the XP4 Prototype, was the 4th F1 to ever be built. McLaren, built 5 prototype F1's, carrying the numbers XP1 through XP5. XP4 stress tested the gearbox system for the F1's and was also featured on TopGear, in the mid-1990's and the XP5 was used to test the top speed of the hypercar. A total of 106 variant McLaren F1's were built, 69 of them being F1's, making this a very rare car! In 1998, the F1 set the record for being the fastest road car, with a top speed of an insane 242mph! The F1 has a very unique body style, it is a 2 door 3 seat coupe. The driver straight, with a passenger on each side. The hypercar, has a very masculine 6.1L V12 engine from BMW, it produces a large amount of 618hp! The cars had an original price tag of around $970000, but now may go for almost triple that price! Would you guys save up for this sweet looking ass kicking hypercar? Comment below with your answer and please make sure you rate, fave, and subscribe for more great car videos! Enjoy! Follow me on Instagram, for cool photos of cars and others! @nasnick


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