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This here is the ultra rare, ultra fast, ultra quick, ultra cool, and ultra expensive McLaren F1. It is just the most spectacular car I've had seen in my life so far, since I was a little kid, I've always wanted to see this car and the day I saw it, I was like "WOW!" Seeing this car is always going to be a little boy's dream, but enough of that, time to talk about the car. The McLaren F1 is the ultimate supercar/hypercar and it is still one of the best today with its 242 MPH top speed. This driving machine has no aids whatsoever, the seat is in the middle and its only came with a 6 speed manual transmission. Basically it is you trying to tame a BMW 6.1 Liter 620 HP V12. Even though it has some old school driving style it still has a carbon fiber reinforced plastic monoque chassis, which was the first production car to have. Im glad i saw one now cause they are always getting higher in price and the fact that only 64 of these extreme road cars were made. I can't wait to see what McLaren has in store for the coming years. Hope you enjoy and subscribe and also follow me on Twitter @13sfaustino Thanks! This was at Houston Coffee and Cars April 2012

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