Video - Ferrari Enzo start up with Tubi exhaust

Videos McLaren Formula One Ferrari Enzo start up with Tubi exhaust

Ferrari Enzo start up with Tubi exhaust

Like me on Facebook - Last Friday my new Canon 5d mk3 arrived and I had to shoot something! I went to my friends garage to get a few pictures of some of his cars and test out the video with my Rode videomic pro. I was in for a huge surprise. He told me to pull the Enzo out of his garage for him and then we went for a drive. He let me drive it which was one of the coolest things to experience....driving a Ferrari ENZO!! I have seen so many of these cars but it was an absolute treat being able to spend some time behind the wheel of one. Stay tuned for more video of this car in the future. Please leave a comment and subscribe. Enjoy!

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