Video - Ferrari 458 Italia - Loud Exhaust Sound!

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Ferrari 458 Italia - Loud Exhaust Sound!

LOOK AT THE DESCRIPTION BELOW :D I filmed this beautiful Ferrari 458 Italia in white with black rims, and yellow brakes! I had to ride really hard on my bike to keep up with this car! :D It was at night, so pretty hard to get some good footage, but the shots turned out great! And it has a really loud exhaust sound! There is a really loud downshift in the video, and some nice accelerations. So hope you like it as much as we do! :D BTW: THIS IS OUR 500 SUBS VIDEO! :D Pls leave a comment, Subscribe, and LIKE... Greetz TwinCharched FACEBOOK: TWITTER: ferrari 458 italia drifting crashing speeding full throttle twincharched twin charched twincharged twin charged wet lap notes white noise spider ff insane f1 downshift accelerations rev revving revs tuning crash accident vs. Racing race on track onboard Start up v12 engine Turbo nitro drifting London Lamborghini Sound exhaust loud huge edo competition challenge novitec rosso anderson germany oakley design stradale Roadster Turbocharger hgte Siracusa mansory geneve 599 GTO maranello wrap 2012 fernando alonso Michael Schumacher scuderia pininfarina monaco speeding full throttle wet lap on fire onboard revieuw forza 4

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