Video - F1/GP3/ILMC Lap Comparison (Silverstone, Great Britain)

Videos McLaren Formula One F1/GP3/ILMC Lap Comparison (Silverstone, Great Britain)

F1/GP3/ILMC Lap Comparison (Silverstone, Great Britain)

Lap comparison between Jenson Button in the Formula One McLaren-Mercedes MP4-26 in 2011, Alex Brundle in the GP3 in 2012 and Allan McNish in an Audi R18 competing in the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup in 2011 at the British Circuit near Northampton, Silverstone. Before you all send comments about how this is not a fair comparison, or even a comparison on its own, I'd like you to know that this clip shouldn't be taken too heavily, it's just for fun. What I wanted to know, before I made this, was how fast a Le Mans car would be in comparison to a Formula 1 car. When I'd done that, I thought: why stop there?, and I compared to a GP3 car as well. The results are that a F1 car is a lot faster than a Le Mans car and a GP3 is actually almost as quick as the Le Mans car. If it were dry during the ILMC weekend, I think McNish would've beaten Brundle.


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