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Black Mercedes SLR McLaren

I spotted this car about 3 months ago in March, yes I know that is a while back and i'm sorry but it's here... This is one of my favourite cars, i've only seen three though in my life. It's interesting how I found this car, I came back to my house late at night, and I looked out my window and saw what looked like an SLR... Me the next day goes out looking for it, I'm going on one street when suddenly I hear a big noise and see the McLaren taking a corner and charging past me, I followed it but then lost it a few minutes after.. Some time later, I catch it again, and it goes into a hotel and drives away again (the first part of my video). I then see it later at a maintainence station. The owner was very kind and let me sit inside it, he even opened both swing doors and let me take pictures. This man also owned an exotic car shop up in Seoul, with a whole range of exoitcs. The SLR was here for a carwash and I film part of that too, but then stop when the washer asked me too while he was scrubbing the rims. I guess it damages his self dignity if he is recorded washing a supercar and not driving it =).. I then film it driving away. This is not one of my best videos, and I apologize for that, there is poor camerawork, quality uneasy and the editing is not the best either, at least its a nice car! Sorry it took me so long to upload this video, I have a whole load more to upload, some dating back to this January! I'm finding more time these days, so rest assured pleanty more ...

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