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A Holiday to Supercar Heaven (Dubai)

Facebook: Twitter: Dubai is known throughout the car world as the capital for supercars; from the weird and wonderful the bright and quite frankly ridiculous. This video showcases my highlights from the Arabic city over a few days in November and some of the cars you will see include: Brabus CLS Rocket Foil Pink, Matte Pink and a Roadster Mercedes SLS AMG Lots of McLaren Mercedes SLRs PPI Razor Audi R8 Hamann EVO Tycoon X6M Novitec Rosso 848 Ferrari 599 GTB Wiesmann MF5 GT Some noisy and bright Audi R8s Lots of Ferraris and Lamborghinis Brabus Stealth 65 Ferrari 599 GTOs Ferrari FFs Ferrari Supercar Meet Lamborghini LP640 Versace Lamborghini Gallardo SE & Bicolore Mansory Aston Martin DB9 Exotic Cars Dealership (Lots of supercars) Alain Class Dealership (Mirage GT, Zonda F, CCXR SE, Renovatio, LP670SV) Spotting from the Burj Khalifa (World's tallest building) And an awful lot of supercar combos! Vlogs: Camera: Sony CX700 Microphone: Rode Videomic Pro Location: Dubai, UAE Thanks for watching, Tim

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