Video - #85 The Flying Lap: Japanese GP Preview

Videos McLaren Mercedes #85 The Flying Lap: Japanese GP Preview

#85 The Flying Lap: Japanese GP Preview

How will Lewis Hamilton's driving compare with that of Nico Rosberg at Mercedes Grand Prix next year? And how will Mexico's Sergio Perez stack up against the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes incumbent, Jenson Button in 2013? In the week following the news that shook the F1 world, we analyse with our resident expert, Rob Wilson, the relevant driving styles and attributes of all the key players in the recent shake-up. Recognized widely as the world's pre-eminent race driver coach, and with a client lists that includes a currently-active former World Champion and four F1 race winners, Rob will be analysing the recent driver shake-up from all angles. WilliamsF1's lucid Strategy Engineer, Mark Barnett, will be talking us through the idiosyncrasies of John Hugenholtz's amazing Suzuka Circuit in Japan; and we'll be checking-in to a Nagoya hotel with the up-front Australian journalist and "Keeping Track" podcast host, Matt Clayton.


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