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#78 The Flying Lap: Santander British GP Debrief

The Santander British Grand Prix at Silverstone was another 2012 classic: Fernando Alonso took the pole for Ferrari on a semi-wet track and for a while out there - until three-quarter distance - looked to be heading for his third win of the season. Mark Webber loves Silverstone, though, and on this occasion was going to maximise every opportunity he was given. Having qualified second, he nursed his soft-compound Pirellis through the early stages. By the end, with Fenando's soft tyres beginning to fade, Mark was able to choose his moment. He crossed the line to win again on the circuit he loves; Fernando, disappointed, could at least reflect that Ferrari had been there, fighting - and that he still managed to beat Sebastian Vettel and both McLaren drivers. We look back at this battle with our resident technical expert, Craig Scarborough. Why is the Ferrari F2012 now so quick? Why was the McLaren unable to maximise either the Pirelli intermediate or the Pirelli soft slick? And just how big is Red Bull's advantage right now? In addition, we will be screening an exclusive interview with Ferrari's Chief Designer, Nikolas Tombazis.


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