Video - #66 The Flying Lap: Chinese de-brief, Bahrain preview

Videos McLaren Mercedes #66 The Flying Lap: Chinese de-brief, Bahrain preview

#66 The Flying Lap: Chinese de-brief, Bahrain preview

With Nico Rosberg scoring his maiden career win in Shanghai, we look back at the events that defined his stunning weekend in China - at the speed of the Mercedes F1 W03 and at Nico's advantage in qualifying over his famous team-mate, Michael Schumacher. Craig Scarborough will talk us through the technicalities of Mercedes' "double-DRS" system plus many of the other significant technical developments seen on the McLarens, Red Bulls and Ferraris - and Rob Wilson will be returning to the show to give us his view of Nico's driving style (and a few other comments besides!). We also look forward to this Sunday's Bahrain Grand Prix with the help of Williams F1 Strategy Engineer, Mark Barnett, and, courtesy of Hilton Honors, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton. There will be lots to talk about and to ponder - and so, for the first time, we will be making this a 90-minute show.

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